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In long run, it is more efficient to get business visibility through free organic traffic (implementing best search engine optimization practices) rather than paid advertising.

Where to start for best possible results?

More than 200 factors impact the website ranking in Google: on-page behavioural factors, social signals, links and etc. No need to improve all of them. Just choose the right for you.

You need an individual SEO strategy for your website.

Our customers achieve results because we consider all features of their business and its competitors.

Look what a traffic growth we achieved through SEO:

Our customers achieve results because we consider all features of their business and its competitors.

The secret is that we do not have to impact all 200 ranking factors used by search engines in their algorithms. We implement efficient strategies allowing to get traffic growth pushing on the right levels.

Over the years, we have developed and introduced successful SEO strategies that show results in Canada, the US and Worldwide.

Why do we succeed in improving website rankings?

Search engine optimization is not about the budget.
No need follow general strategies, it’s important to find a competitive advantage and use it for SEO.
We use competitor analysis to develop an optimal and realistic SEO strategy for your website.
The main secret is that we find your competitive strength and implement it on the website in the best way. What you need is to grab customers attention — to get the best possible value from their actions, better ranking in search engines and higher profit. Value for visitors is an important factor of your website growth. Customers like it, and website’s visibility easily goes up.

We make your website stand out in a search with

They show extra information, like an image, a star rating, the preparation time of a recipe or the number of calories. This really makes your site stand out from the other search results! To increase the chance of getting rich results, you’ll need to add structured data to your site. The structured data is in a vocabulary called

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As a first-time customer, you can claim Free services!

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There is only one chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION!

If you miss your chance to create a positive first impression, you miss out on business opportunities . Potential сlients become buying customers when they believe you can solve their problems or fill their needs. We create that positive first impression through the website, social media pages, the store, phone conversations and other channels. So before we advertise your business, we go above and beyond to create your unforgettable FIRST IMPRESSION!

Great! You have clients.

Now it's time to answer calls, write emails, and work hard to meet the expectations of your buyers. To manage everything expertly, you need Customer Relationship Management software that helps organize everything in one place. THE BEST client is a satisfied, return customer. You can use SALEs funnels to remind customers about your business or promote new products or services to those familiar with your company. Don't forget to track and analyze everything through analytics tools to better plan your finances and future SALEs.

How can you let potential clients know your business EXISTS?

Word of mouth is best, but if the business is new, you must put your message front and centre to attract potential customers. The best ways to advertise, create TRAFFIC and lure clients are through Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. After using those platforms, we can employ other tools to generate even more TRAFFIC to your website, social media page or store.